Pessimism is not the way to go

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We all deal with the complainer, those who are constantly stuck in a gloomy state of mind and always thinking of the worst with no way out.

Half of the time people could care less about other people’s complaints and the other half of the time they just come off as downright annoying.

You often see these people displayed in movies.

In a scenario where a crew becomes stranded out at sea it seems there’s always that one person in a group who cries out “we’re all goners!” or “why try? There’s no hope anyway.”

Having a negative outlook on life, or as it is most commonly put, seeing the glass half empty, does very little if any help not only to the pessimist but as well for those around them.

This negative attitude can have major consequences such as causing problems to grow even bigger or even miss opportunities for improvement in relationships, education, and health.

Being optimistic does have its benefits. Seeing a solution in even the worst situations can help build a strong positive atmosphere for others to work in.

Rather than walking around with a gray cloud over your head putting forth your best effort helps everyone as a whole.

Many who have had bad experiences or disappointments don’t have to let it rule over their life.

What started terribly does not have to end terribly.

It’s easy for a dead fish to float downstream but it takes a live fish to fight against the current.

Forget about what is happening to you and begin planning about what you can make happen.

Switching from a negative attitude to a positive for some isn’t entirely easy.

Surrounding yourself with people who are optimistic can help.

Positive thinking if you allow it can be infectious.

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