Don’t overspend to make people happy

Julija Kaselyte

When I think of Christmas, I think of my family and friends hanging out by the fireplace with lots of food and coziness.

Most of us are more concerned about what to buy for others and what we want to get from them

for Christmas than the actual joy of being surrounded by the people we love.

When I asked some folks what they wanted for Christmas, the answers were pretty much the same: money, Apple devices, and travels.

I don’t know what is worse, to ask people what they want for Christmas and then spend thousands of dollars on expensive things, or not to ask at all and get something they absolutely don’t need.

I think you can always compromise. If you know a person enough, you can always get an enjoyable inexpensive present for her or him.

Maybe they are huge fans of movies, books, coffee, or music? Gift cards are a great choice, then why don’t you put one in an envelope with a self-made card?

We tend to download music from the Internet, so Christmas is a great chance to get someone an actual CD or vinyl. Creativity is always a key to people’s hearts, so be creative, use your imagination – make or bake something funny!

I don’t think presents should be a priority of Christmas morning. Gifts are a part of it, but they shouldn’t be on top of everything else.

For me it sounds absurd: one of the most special days of the year, but no one is talking, because everyone is on their phones they got for Christmas.

Then after festive season we complain about empty bank accounts, because we spent too much on gifts.

Be smart about what you buy, make your Christmas fun, warm, and joyful. Communicate with your family, not with Apple.

Prepare small surprises for the people you love.

By the way, I am obsessed with dresses and wouldn’t mind getting one for Christmas, just saying.

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