PETA claims veggies improve sex drive

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PETA claims veggies improve sex drive

Latasha Newburn

“Vegetarians have better sex” was the message PETA tried exposing to the media on Super Bowl Sunday, but the commercial was banned from NBC for several reasons, one being for “rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin”.Models resembling those of Victoria Secret were seen caressing various nutrient-rich products in order to promote vegetarianism, as well.

“That is completely unnecessary and should not be aired on national television,” said MCC student Gabrielle Greaves.

Following the racy commercial a serious message was portrayed showing the torture tactics used to create meat. In today’s society where obesity rates are steadily increasing, inadvertently creating health risks such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, action must be taken.

Some may wonder if it is truly beneficial to become vegetarian and sacrifice the ever-growing passion for meat.

“I think there are benefits to eating a vegetable-rich diet,” said Ryan Mcshae, an assistant manager from Pita Jungle

It is believed that when a person reduces their intake of meat and increases the intake of protein filled vegetables, that energy will be increased and that the long-term plan will provide for a healthier and efficient life.

Becoming a vegetarian comes with many other benefits, such as protecting animals and prolonging their lives and humans lives as well.

Also, the chances of obtaining mad cow disease, a chronic disease that affects the nervous system, are drastically reduced. Although vegetarianism saves the lives of animals and creates a better environment for us to live in, vegetarians have been rumored to have better sex, due to their increased energy levels, and compassion towards others.

Some people feel differently towards vegetarianism and its effects.

“Most vegetarians are dumb kids who don’t do research so they lack protein because they don’t eat enough of the right foods. They are too tired to bone down.” 24-year-old Suzanne Zalot, an ex-vegetarian, said.

If interested in becoming vegetarian or testing it out the top two vegetarian inspired restaurants include Pita Jungle and the Green Restaurant.

Also visit or for more information on how to get started.

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