Most popular Halloween costumes online and on campus

Marcus Campbell
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Google uploaded a treasure trove of Halloween related data to a new site called Google Frightgeist.  The website compiled data related to Halloween costume searches to reveal the most popular costumes for both men and women.  The site allows you to view the information nationally or by individual state. The site also includes a costume wizard that takes your location, the compiled data, and your desired uniqueness to select a costume that is perfect for you.  The site uses trends in google searches to analyze the data and turn up the 585 most popular costumes from across the nation.

The top 10 costumes are, in order; Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Clown, Unicorn, Rabbit, Witch, Mouse, Pirate, Zombie, and Dinosaur. Other costumes in the top 25 included Batman, It, Moana, Belle, Chucky and The Joker. Some of the most bizarre costume choices ranged from all manner of animals to a larger variety of celebrities.  The top costumes searched in Arizona were Wonder Woman, clowns, Moana, rabbits, and unicorns.

The top costumes in Arizona are 1990’s themed in Yuma, the pirate is the most popular costume in Tucson and Wonder Woman is the most popular costume in Phoenix. Across campus, students decided on a wide variety of costumes and events.  Some are attending parties and others haunted houses.  A few select students are even helping their families with trick or treating.  The most popular costumes on Amazon for women and girls showed a wide variety from the commercial to the creative.

Most popular costumes for women included Wonder Woman, Hermione Granger, Supergirl, Snow White, Princess Leia, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Popular costumes for Men on Amazon contained the same amount of variety. The most popular Costumes for men included The Flash, Pirates, Reno 911, The Joker, Darth Vader, Superman, and a Star Trek crew member. Walmart has also become a very popular destination for Halloween shoppers.

The most popular costumes on Walmart.Com range from T-shirts and masks to full-on bodysuits.  The most popular costumes on Walmart.com include The Joker, The Flash, Harry Potter robes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Master Chief, and Captain America.  Several Costumes from Paw Patrol are also popular among children at Walmart. The Mesa Legend talked to students and were shocked by the creativity

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