Real achievers don’t fi sh for a compliment

Julija Kaselyte

“Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk” – sings Lorde in one of her songs.

Don’t you think that it’s boring how people brag about themselves?

I find it extremely annoying.

About six years ago when I entered the writing world my first ever blog didn’t last longer than three days, because it was all about me.

In other words, it was not exciting to write about how many cupcakes I ate that day or post fashion photos from the Internet.

That’s why I always want to write about others and their accomplishments.

If your work is worth someone’s attention, you will undoubtedly appear in the spotlight.

No need to brag about what you’ve done.

Look at the most successful bands, designers, writers, and photographers.

They spend time working hard, not talking cheap.

Their captivating art is all that matters.

If there is something really phenomenal about what you do, the audience will immediately love it without someone begging to love it.

People who talk about how popular they are or will

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