Role Model’ star reprises ‘American Pie’ persona

Elisa Vincitorio

He is best known as Stiffler in “American Pie” but good ol’ Seann William Scott is branching out these days, at least a little bit. With his latest upcoming movie Role Models, opening Nov. 7, Scott said that although he knew the character would resemble Stiffler he strived to make him, “less of a jock and a jerk,”.

Well, Scott you succeeded.

While he knows this may not be the big one that lands him the gold guy, Scott explained his motives behind wanting to do this film.

“I needed to find a movie that has enough elements to get commercial success and cater to the audience that gave me my success to begin with,” he said.

Although Scott liked Role Models when he read it, he knows from past experience that doesn’t necessarily make for a smash hit.
“Dukes of Hazard seemed like a good script, but I got more pleasure out of reading the bad reviews than I did making the movie,” he laughed.

The new comedy begins with Wheeler (Scott), dressed as a giant mythological creature called a Minotaur, and Danny (Paul Rudd) promoting energy drinks over drugs in high schools around the country.

“I hated the Minotaur costume,” he said, “I burned it after the movie.”

When Danny’s life begins to fall apart he loses it and accidentally mounts their Minotaur vehicle on top of a high school’s mascot statue, landing them a choice between community service hours or jail.

With great inner turmoil, they choose community service and become big brother types to Augie (Christopher Mintz Plasse- better known as “Mc-lovin'”) and Ronnie (Bobb’e Jo Thompson).

Danny is forced by Augie to become a part of a made-up land called “Lair” a place where computer-generated medieval fantasies come to life and Wheeler is assigned to Ronnie, a kid with a mouth like a garbage disposal and a death wish for his new best bud.

In reality though, Scott and Thompson had a great friendship.

“That kid is awesome, I would go home thinking, ‘great, an eleven-year-old is a better actor than I am,'” Scott said. “I spent more time with him than anyone else in the movie.”

When Scott was asked if he ever thought he would make it this far in his career he responded, “No way, I feel very lucky like I won the lottery.”

The surprisingly funny and heartwarming comedy opens Friday Nov. 7.

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