The addictive nature of getting inked

Iliana Deanda

Tattoos once regarded as a passing fad have become more popular than ever, leading to the question of whether or not they are addictive. Jan Tice, executive director of an alcohol and drug program gives her answer: “Tattoos are an interesting kind of addiction with many elements. They can love the feel of the tattooing, the line between pleasure and pain. It’s euphoric, enjoyable and hurts like hell.”

Student Lacey Hinkle believes that tattoos can be addicting but that it depends on the person.

“For me personally, I do want other tattoos but I don’t want to take it too far. I think about getting them all the time and I already have ideas for several more that I plan to get. So in a way yes, they can be addicting,” she said.

Visiting her local tattoo shop on the weekends inspired Hinkle to finally get hers.

“I’ve always wanted one. I was almost 18 and my parents said I couldn’t get one until then. I was going up to a tattoo shop every other week so that just made me want one even more.”

Hinkle explains her reasoning for getting one. Who knew that candies and sweets as well as religion could all be together and turn into one tattoo?

“Well I really like candy, cake, ice cream, and sweets in general. It’s practically all I eat. The ‘Salvation is Sweet’ was just a clever way of showing my faith or that I’m religious and that it actually means something to me and I don’t mind showing it.”

MCC student Khy McFly thinks that tattoos are addictive, he himself has nine.

“After I got my first, within the next month I got half my sleeves done as well as my chest. In two months I damn near had a whole sleeve piece and my chest,” he said.

Another MCC student Kyle Anderson explained why he thinks that people mark themselves for life.

“It’s another way to show the trials and tribulations that you’ve gone through. It’s a way to make yourself unique in a world that’s so mundane,” he said.

McFly believes that careful planning should go in to the tattoo and that it should represent something personal.

“The nautical star I have has some meaning to me,” he said, “Sailors and Egyptians used the star to find their path to shore. I got it because I am navigating myself through life.

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