Saguaro Building provides new labs for science students

Iliana Deanda

The Red Mountain Campus is adding a new addition to its campus in early September.”The Learning Center is combined of two main components. The Saguaro Building will support the sciences and performing arts,” said Vice President of Leadership Stephanie Nyman.

“The science portion of the building will have state of the art labs, classes and undergraduate spaces.”

“The building will also contain a terrarium habitat for Sonoran Desert Creatures. The performing arts portion will have practice rooms, performance space, and a multi-purpose classroom. The building’s support spaces will have study spaces for students as well as tutoring and staff offices,” said Nyman.

From a students perspective, Nyman see’s the building being an eco friendly building as well as being beneficial to many students.

“I believe it will have a significant impact on students and the community because by building a Green building, MCC is leading the way to environmental awareness and sustainability,” Nyman said. “From a student’s perspective, we can expect to have a building that is not only beautiful but also environmentally cautious.”

“This alone will add pride to our involvement in the Green Movement and make aware of the need to take a stand on this issue.

All MCC students can now be a part of being Green just by showing up.”

Phi Theta Kappa plays a role with the opening of the new Saguaro building at the Red Mountain Campus.

“We are helping create educational points towards moving the new building from a Silver level LEED Certification to a Gold level LEED Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council,” Nyman said. “Phi

Theta Kappa is making a documentary about the building and also helping with its signage explaining the environmental aspects of it. During the Grand Opening on Sep 3, we will be assisting in tours and overall daily events.”

Lack of science labs led to the construction of the Saguaro Building at the Red Mountain Campus.

“It was created to respond to the increase the student enrollment at the campus,” said MCC President Shouan Pan.

The decision to build was made before Pan’s tenure at MCC. The money came from the 2004 bond election.

“I think students will really love this new building. It is designed with very intentional soft student space. There are study nooks, couches to encourage students to study there,” Pan said.

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