Science should never be overlooked for obsolete views

Dominic DeCono

    If you ignore what science has to say about something, then you are a fool.

                There aren’t many things I get deeply offended by anymore, but one of them is people who purposely ignore science on important issues.

                Let’s start with people claiming being gay is a choice.

                When I hear someone say they don’t approve of gay marriage because being gay is a choice, I sincerely hope that person never procreates because I don’t want to have to deal with another poor ignorant soul in the world.

                Being gay is not a choice, and anyone who claims it is truly doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.

                 There is scientific evidence everywhere that shows that not just humans but spiders, dolphins, apes, tigers and many other animals are gay in nature because of this thing called genetics.

                Then there is the topic of evolution.

                Whether you want to accept it or not, your ancestors crawled from out of the ocean and all came from single cellular organisms billions of years ago.

                The idea that evolution is somehow faulty logic is totally absurd.

                Evolution is not some evil entity that exists to oppose religious ideas; the word evolution simply means change.

                It exists within life, weather, language, behavior, culture and technology.

                How else can you explain how humans are bigger, faster and smarter than they were in years past?

                But what probably bothers me more than anything else is that people who have power in this country to dictate what can or cannot be taught to children are trying to make it so that science is not just a priority, it shouldn’t be taught at all.

                Recently, lawmakers in Tennessee and Louisiana have introduced bills stating they intended to teach creationism in their schools and adopt it as the official scientific form of creation.

                Are you kidding me?

                Creationism has no place in a high school science class, let alone society.

                The bottom line is that science has a very important purpose and purposely ignoring what it has to say is foolish.

                If we thought our old obsolete thoughts on things were the way to go, then we would have never evolved our thought process to what it is today.

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