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Since elementary school, teachers have warned that the teachers at the next level wouldn’t be as lenient or wouldn’t have as much compassion for missed or late work or showing up on time. 

Nothing much changed though as previous teachers had warned. 

All the way into high school and senior year, the threats went out about how at the next level, teacher will crack down on all these bad habits a student can get into. 

Colleges is here and guess what, professors really do not care for your bad habits. 

Late assignments are counted as zeros and there will be no makeup work for it. 

Showing up late for class is your choice but according to the school handbook, professors can drop a student after three tardies and they have no mercy to do so. 

Professors won’t care for the excuses. 

They will not call mom and let them know you have a missed assignment or to warn them of their child’s late arrivals to class. 

Professors will simply come in the class and do what they are paid to do. 

They will help in any way possible to help students succeed.

But they refuse to babysit. 

It is the responsibility of the student to get assignments done. 

It is the responsibility of the student to wake up a half hour earlier or leave the house a few minutes earlier to make it to class. 

Parking is and always will be a pain, adjust to it.  Students for decades have despised professors.

They feel as though the professor is singling them out or have an attitude of “he or she just hates me”.  Professor don’t hate anyone, they just hate the bad habits. 

The more students begin to understand that professors really mean business in college, the quicker and more successful students will be in college.   

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