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November brings a new banner to the clock tower and a reorganized displaycase in the Kirk Center with Native American jewlery and things of thier heritage.
The American Indian Center, Hoops of Learning and the ISO (Inner-Tribal Student Oranization) club have joined together to sponsor a series of on campus events.
These events hope to trigger enlightenment and educate others of the indigenous people within Arizona and throughout the country.
“The 21st Century Native American Student” is featured and gives insight on lives of MCC students and what thier career path of thier choosing.
Onalee Massey, the ISO chair person of the social committee, said, ” I would love to see more potential club members come out and join. There are so many that do not know that we are here or that are too busy to join in.”
There are more than 1,000 Native Americans on the Mesa Community College campus and there is about a seven percent that are active with the club.
Massey continues, “It would be wonderful to see other tribes identify with us. Also, I think that this event will give others a positive outlook toward cultural difference.”
All over MCC’s Dobson and Southern campus there will be different events taking place.
Nov. 24 will be the traditional “Indigenous Nations Feast” along with a special presentation “Geronimo”
On the 25th the Navajo Room will host “Coffee” with Dr. Bo Colbert.
It will be hard to pass up this kind of event which involves: social dancing, music groups, interesting exibits, special guest presentations and food.
Yvonne Honeyestewa, the ISO club sonpnor, said, ” The club has put a lot of effort into making this event happen and it would benift people’s outlook on the newage Native American. Non- natives will be learning about natives and cultural awareness.

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