MCC students reveal art pieces for four weeks to the community

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The Annual Juried Art Student Show is exhibiting more than 150 pieces of art created by Mesa Community College (MCC) students for all to see and purchase.  For more than 30 years the program has highlighted students’ artwork as a way to expose the community to what students learn while attending MCC. The exhibit includes various types of art, from paintings, sculptures and images, to 3-D artwork.  The event is called juried because one person judges all student entries and decides which art is showcased during a four-week exhibition on campus.  “Julio Morales, he is a creator from ASU Art Museum,” Jennifer Harris, Coordinator of the MCC Art Gallery, said. “He will be judging all entries.”

MCC photo instructor Bob Galloway said many of the art pieces are created by students at the start of the academic year and work on it over time until they’re submitted for the exhibit in the spring semester.  “They get a chance to have their work reviewed and evaluated besides the class,” Galloway said. The chosen art pieces will be displayed in the MCC Art Gallery, located near the Mesa Theater, for the public to view. This is also an opportunity for students to sell their own work and for many this marks their first experience in selling their piece of art. During the even students also have the opportunity to sell their work if they choose.  “It’s a real popular thing we have. A lot of faculty that come and bring their classes, and people from the community and high schools come and visit and see what they could be doing in a few years,” said Jennifer Harris.

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Mesa Legend Staff

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