T-bird defensive tackle Sefita Vaki

Vangana Maka

Stepping on to the football field, defensive lineman Sefita Vaki stands at 6 foot 3 inches 280 pounds, a size which speaks for itself.
Vaki, a freshman at MCC has developed into a steady talent and playmaker on defense for the T-birds.
Graduating from Highland High School, Vaki was forced to overcome trials that nearly interrupted his education.
Now though, thankful to have an opportunity to play football, Vaki gives thanks to his faith, family, and friends for their never ending support.
Vaki is one of eight children and has become quite the role model to his younger, and even older siblings.
Vaki’s family has been his greatest motivation, watching over him through each game of the season, with spirit, pride, and love.
Majoring in Music, Vaki enjoys writing songs, playing the guitar, and listening to the soothing, and extravagant sounds of reggae music.
In preparation for each game, he sits alone with music as his only companion and mentally prepares to bring the highest level of intensity to the field for every game.
Vaki expresses feeling unstoppable after a tackle is made and realizes the change of emotion moving on to the next play.
T-Bird’s defensive end Jerome Jackson stated, ” Vaki has been our best defensive tackle this season,” expressing much appreciation towards his fellow teammate.
Jerome a freshman, looks forward to playing another season with Vaki in the line.
Excited for the T-bird 2010 football season, Vaki plans to look past this year and provide yet another successful contribution to the T-bird’s defense.

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