Lady T-birds strike out against the Devils

Kevin Holloway

The Mesa Community College Lady Thunderbirds softball team met up with the Arizona State University Sun Devils in the second of only two games played by MCC against a university in any sport.
The Sun Devils were the 2008 PAC-10 and National Champions and their play proved it.
Mesa’s girls put forth a valiant effort in a game that looked like a scrimmage for the Sun Devils.
The first inning was a key indicator of how the rest of the game would be, MCC had a quick three outs and the Lady Devils took the field on offense.
After having two RBI singles hit in a row, ASU took the lead by two closing out the inning on a double play made by MCC.
Somewhat like the first inning, the second consisted of one batter getting on base and three quick outs.
However instead of two runs scored, the Devils batted six runners home in the second pushing the lead to 8-0 headed in the third.
The Thunderbirds played their best defense in the third and fourth innings, forcing three quick outs from ASU and a run being scored by Bailey Blake in the fourth
Maintaining a healthy lead ASU didn’t feel the need to let up on offense, hitting home run after home run.
Even though the T-birds loss in their match up with ASU, they won just by getting a chance to showcase their talent at a university level.
Many community college athletes across the nation dream of playing against such talent at the university level, and MCC represented themselves very well and fought to the end.

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