UFC Fight Pass is a knockout win for viewers

Kian Hagerman
Mesa Legend

A massive collection of content across a number of organizations, that includes some of the biggest names in sports entertainment that go toe-to-toe in combat throughout the year. UFC Fight Pass collects the catalogs of organizations beyond just the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), including fan favorites like Pride Fighting Championships and newer events like the Eddie Bravo Invitational.

For a subscription fee unlimited streaming access to the massive library is at one’s fingertips. Top tier talent in the UFC usually begin their careers in smaller venues, and Fight Pass gives users the option to follow fighters that they are fans of, and catch up on any fights they may have missed.  An interesting feature on the site is the ability to watch a specific fighter’s career, as they move between different organizations to compete, which is enhanced by personalized search options for most fighters.

One can also watch live pay-per-view events, although an additional fee is required. Eventually, after a period of time passes the event is made available to stream as part of the subscription, for those willing to wait. Similar to Netflix, one can save fights to a list of favorites, which makes returning to a particular fight a simple matter.To find out more information or subscribe to Fight Pass visit

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