Atheists and believers can’t agree to disagree

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Atheists and believers can’t agree to disagree

Fallon-Renae Costa

Hasn’t the ongoing fight between the Christian and the atheist gotten a little old?  No worries. I’m not here to argue who’s right or wrong.

Yet I can’t help but point out the hypocrisy behind some of the rather obnoxious and insolent remarks made by those who identify themselves as  atheists.  This comes from someone who doesn’t identify myself with a particular religion, but I will admit my belief in a higher power.

It seems the theist is on one side of the fence while the atheist sits on the other side.  And while the theist tosses bibles over regularly in hopes of some sudden realization of what they believe to be the “truth” the atheist dodges the bible like a plague and gladly tosses it back over.  

    I can understand that theists of Christian faith have out done themselves with their ethnocentrism. But as for the atheist, is the pot not calling the kettle black? I can remember coming home from school in the first grade to talk to my mom after I had got into trouble for fighting with a boy in my class. As I proceeded to tell my mother, “He did it first” the first thing that came out of her mouth was ” Just cause he did it doesn’t mean you should.”  

I have a feeling these are all too familiar words for everyone no matter where they feel their morals are derived from.  

    My point here is this. We get it, you don’t believe in God(s).  And Christians have at times crossed the line when it comes to attacking your beliefs.  But keep this in mind; people of Christian faith make up over 78 percent of the U.S. population.  Other theist religions make up 4.7 percent. And those who identify as an atheist make up a mere 1.6 percent.  

Of course the odds of finding an overly forceful theist who takes is too far when it comes to preaching what they believe is much easier to find! Yet an atheist will quickly jump on the opportunity to bash all who follow any type of faith.

From my understanding the bible says that God is the only judge and humans shouldn’t judge their neighbor? I know plenty theists who strictly enforce this within their lives.

    According to the website for the American Atheist founded by Madalyn Murray O’Hair “atheists are content with their lifestyle.”  If so satisfied why the need to come unglued when a theist goes too far and attack all of Christian faith for the stance a few of them take.   

That is like claiming all Muslims hate Americans and are terrorists simply because Osama Bin Laden declared himself to be Muslim  and planned the attack on Sep. 11.  


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