Beatles Rock Band, a hit for music fans

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Beatles Rock Band, a hit for music fans

Iliana Deanda

Once again history repeats itself with re-appearances of trends, and showing up in the music scene.
One of the most well known rock bands of all time, The Beatles can be seen everywhere lately.
“I think that the Beatles never really lost their popularity,” said MCC student Clint Richardson.
“By the Beatles releasing an all Beatles Rock Band it just reminds people how big they were and how big they still are.” Their most popular album, Abbey Road, is newly remastered and is now a big promotional item, along with Beatle T-shirts, calendars, notebooks and other Beatle merchandise, and it doesn’t stop there.
The Beatles are now being advertised on TV once again, and are now entering the world of gaming with The Beatles: Rock Band that just released Sept. 9.
Although the return of the Beatles seemed to happen out of nowhere, their re-appearance just might be their chance to re-establish themselves among a younger generation.
The release of Beatles Rock Band gives today’s youth a chance to feel as if they’re inside the game as a Beatle rock star, and also gives them a taste of the music that was considered great in their parents generation.
The Beatles are such a prominent part of music history and it is important for kids to see back where it all started, especially from such an influential band.
The game is pretty much like any other Rock Band, featuring the most popular Beatles songs. It’s a perfect opportunity for kids who are unfamiliar with the group to learn their songs.
For those who are already a die hard Beatles fans, there is no doubt that they will have a blast while playing the game.
As if the original Rock Band wasn’t addicting enough, this version includes a band that is an all time favorite; you would never want to stop playing.
“Out of all the different Rock Bands that have been released, The Beatles edition is my favorite,” said MCC student Tim Arimborgo.
” It really is addicting especially if you are already a huge Beatles fan,” Arimborgo said.
This is a whole new way for people to experience Beatles music, which many of their fans will surely enjoy.
This resurgence of the band is not only going to introduce The Beatles to a younger generation, but also allowing them to participate and in the legendary appreciation of the Beatles, along with keeping their music alive.

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