Featured Athlete: Flynn Fuhrmann

In Flynn Fuhrmann’s family, you pick a sport and continue with it through high school. For his brother and sister, it was baseball and soccer respectively, but Fuhrmann decided to break from team sports and run cross-country.

Before he even joined his middle school’s cross country team, he found his love for running in elementary school.

“We had field day one time, and I won a race and was like ‘Oh, I should do this,’” Fuhrmann said. “And that’s about it.”

Now Fuhrmann runs on the Mesa Community College (MCC) cross-country team. His speciality is the 8 km (5 mile) race.

Running in middle school and high school aren’t very different according to Fuhrmann–except for the footwear.

“I was just running in normal tennis shoes in middle school and maybe up until my first year of high school,” Fuhrmann explained. “Then I got flat, which are thinner. Now I have spikes, which have metal spikes attached to your shoes.”

Since he’s been running for a long time, Fuhrmann has learned many important lessons from the sport. The biggest one: discipline.

“If you’re running and it starts to hurt, you’ve just got to push through the finish, and then it’ll stop hurting,” Fuhrmann explained. “It helps me see things through. If I’m not enjoying it at the moment, I know it’ll be worth it at the end.”

Furhmann has also made friends through the sport. According to him, there isn’t much to do while running but talk to his other teammates. Through this, he’s been able to get to know them well and call some friends.

Every so often, the MCC cross-country team gets to travel for Nationals, and Furhmann loves getting to attend.
“It’s fun,” Furhmann said. “It’s kind of just like a little camp, ‘cause they pay for your food and stuff. So you just kind of hang out and do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t ruin your race.”

Furhmann wants to go as far as he can with running, but might not take it as seriously in the future as now.

“[It] depends on how good I am,” Furhmann said. “I might just run some fun races, something not super serious but I don’t know if I’d go pro unless I get up there.”

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