Financial aid offers more than just money

Alexandra Weiler

The Financial Aid Department at Mesa Community College does a lot more than just disperse money.They help students by providing online services, keeping them up to date with all that is available to them and help detect fraud.

Many students start their application process by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

“When students fill out their FAFSA, it is sent to the Department of Education,” said Veronica Guiterrez, financial aid assistant.

“They decide what the student qualifies for.

“All students apply for financial aid and receive (money) based on need,” Guiterrez said.

Student Ben Peterson said that he did apply for financial aid but only received a loan.

“There was money left over but I didn’t spend it on school stuff,” Peterson said.
“I spent it on living costs like shopping, rent, bills and clothes.

Valerie Vigil, assistant director of financial aid said that most students will get money in some form whether it comes from a loan or a grant.

According to Vigil, there are a lot of grants out there like the state Incentive Grant, the state Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant and the Academic Competitiveness Grant.

“The ACG is for graduates of 2005 who attend two-year colleges,” said Vigil.

“The student must have required credits in math, science and foreign language to qualify.”

Vigil also added that if students do their research there are numerous scholarships available for students to use.

Deb DeVore, assistant director of development, said that most scholarships available through MCC range from $500 to $1,000.

The requirements for each individual scholarship vary based on the donor of the scholarship according to DeVore.

MCC also offers an online payment plan option. The plan costs $20 to enroll and the payments are divided monthly.

“We are trying to facilitate the process as much as possible for the students,” said Gutierrez.

“Students can come in to ask questions if they need help,” Guitierrez said.

“Some students prefer to come in and talk to someone.”

According to Gutierrez, the Financial Aid Department is in the process of implementing new forms.

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