Legend’s View: Gasoline continues to suck us dry

Mesa Legend

Try starting a conversation with a fellow driver at the gas pump.

Here’s roughly how it will go; “Gas prices sure are high, huh buddy?”

“Yup …  sure are.”

“Think they’re going down soon?”

“Hope so.”

At this point, we all hope so, since those of us that don’t ride our bikes or take the bus to school are practically hemorrhaging money through our gas tanks.

We all know the alternatives to gas so this won’t be a lecture on how to cut down mileage.

That broken record has played enough.

But, remember the good old fashioned gas boycott?

Viral emails have circulated since 1997 urging nationwide ‘gas-outs’  whenever  gas prices would start to hover too high.

Well another one is slated for this month, but we all know buying gas the day before or day after is pure semantics.

So has the fight really gone out of us? Do we have any other options?

Gasoline supposedly dropped a penny today, but an 18 gallon tank still costs $70 bucks to fill.

So we need more than a Band-Aid at the gas pump.

It’s time for a tourniquet.

The docile “wait-it-out” strategy is wearing thin (along with our wallets) and besides, the gas moguls are playing the same game.

In chess, it’s impractical to trade pieces when playing from behind.

The opponent in this case, can easily outlast us.

So we must make a radical move that completely changes the way we consume gasoline.

Because if we don’t, who will?

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