By: Joshua Bowling

Does the federal government really have the final say in our affairs?

Though they reside in the nation’s capital, the federal government was not meant to be more powerful than the state and city governments.

When the founders established this country, they had a very definite system in mind.

Each city would have its own government, each state would have its own government, and the federal government would oversee things which affected everyone, such as roads, the military, etc.

Local governments were to oversee things such as education.

After all, who is more qualified to govern the local school system than the people who live there?

The federal government, however, could not keep their hands off of it.

The Department of Education’s 2015 budget shows a request for $1.3 billion going to preschools nationwide for that year alone.

The budget request also calls for $75 billion over 10 years in mandatory funding, as well as $500 million for Preschool Development Grants, as well as other funds.

Giving our children a good education is important, but is it the job of the federal government, and is that even what they’re doing?

Looking at these gargantuan numbers gives the impression that the folks in Washington are very carefree with the way they spend taxpayer money.

Instead of leaving decisions to the state and city governments, the federal government sees the need to swoop in and dole out money, not to what the community knows it needs, rather, to that which the removed elites in Washington deem important.

What will this sort of system do for our country?

Surely it can’t be beneficial. It is akin to a family raising a child.

The mother and father know what is best for the child, and they know what they should invest in for the child’s well-being.

Now imagine a benevolent, albeit over-reaching uncle coming in and giving his nephews and nieces what they “really” need.

Such a happening could only serve to divide the family, bringing about bitterness and strife.

Many would empathize with the parents.

It is their right as to how they raise their child, after all.

That is exactly what will happen with our government, only it will be on a national scale.

Instead of your uncle not being invited to the Thanksgiving dinner, the states and cities will clash with the federal government, as well they should.

Mesa Legend Staff

Mesa Legend Staff

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