Worrying does nothing to solve problems

By: Sebastian Miguel

The exact causes of anxiety are probably more than can be listed.

No doubt we are only human and prone to worry here and there.

However, the problem we get ourselves into is staying in this state of being overly preoccupied with the “what if’s” and negative scenarios.

Being worried can mess with our daily routine, exhaust our emotional energy, and keep us from moving forward in life.

The question we should ask ourselves when we do see ourselves worrying about something is “What will I gain by worrying over this?”

The reality is that we don’t add another minute or hour to our lives by worrying.

We can’t add another inch to our height or make any kind of difference when we keep having strong anxiety over something.

Some may say worrying helps to solve problems but the two are very different modes of thinking.

Problem solving engages evaluation of the situation, brainstorming concrete steps for dealing with the issue, and then acting out that plan.

When we worry all we do is dwell on those worst-case scenarios and we aren’t necessarily solving anything.

When worry does come to mind we should see whether or not the problem is something that could be solved.

Problems that are solvable could be something like paying bills, running late for meetings, or vehicle problems.

Those are things we could take action and prepare for later in the future.

Problems that are out of our control could be things like cancer, car accidents, or the death of a loved one where we won’t be able to see a solution.

We can also learn to come to acceptance with uncertainty and unsolvable problems.

This doesn’t mean you always have to be in a negative state of mind, but we should not be surprised at the devastation that occurs in a lifetime.

We all face hardship. This should help us to spring up to live life positively rather than be pessimistic about everything.

Always being concerned with the worst-case scenarios isn’t the answer to stop bad things from happening.

They rob us from focusing on what good can come out of it or what could be rather than what isn’t.

Trying not to worry can be easier said than done.

And it’s an attribute that is not attained overnight but a life skill that must be practiced.

We should let the worries go, focus on the present, and reap the benefits.

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