Up-and-coming bands to watch out for in 2009

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Up-and-coming bands to watch out for in 2009

Iliana Deanda

Last year witnessed many breakout artists that had a lot of success. With artists of 2008 like Duffy, The Ting Tings, Adele, Vampire Weekend, and Santogold we can only hope that this years breakout artists of 2009 will have even greater success capturing the ears of many fans.

Portugal, The Man is a band that hales from Wasilla, Alaska.

The band consists of vocalist, guitarist, songwriter John Gourley, bassist Zachery Carothers, keyboardist and vocals Ryan Neighbors and drummer/percussionist Jason Sechrist.

Since forming in 2005, they’ve put out an album annually, never repeating paces in the process.

Portugal. The Man’s latest album Censored Colors has two discs ranging from single tracks on side one, long compositions on side two.

Spin magazine has labeled this band an artist to look out for.

The Expendables first formed in 1997 in Santa Cruz, California as a surf rock genre.

This band blends Reggae, punk, and some dueling guitar solos causing them to catch the ears of Rolling Stone as well as numerous fans.

This band has toured with artists including Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, and G. Love just to name a few.

Even though they dropped their first album on Sept. 4, 2007 they are still getting great reviews and are definitely a band to watch out for in 2009.

Compared to The Killers, it was only a matter of time that a band like White Lies would emerge into the music scene.

Their latest album, To Lose My Life, debut on Jan. 19, 2009 hit the British charts at number one.

Their music can be described as cinematic.

This band has had success across the pond and is invading the states playing at Coachella and touring with Friendly Fires and Soft Pack starting in March.

Sam Spiegel, a New York native along with Brazilian pal Ze “DJ Zegon” Gonzales have teamed up with some of the biggest names in rap and rock for the debut record from his project N.A.S.A.

The record includes combinations of different people together.

Some featured artists on the album include Santogold and Kanye West.

N.A.S.A.’s latest album Spirit of the Apollo released on Feb. 17 includes 16 tracks of funky guitars, marching band beats, and jazz organ grinds.

N.A.S.A. is currently on tour.

Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots) is a classic synth-pop duo rolled into one the glamour girl and the geek.

Victoria’s music includes hyperkinetic dance music with synthesizers and booming beats.

She went on to form a jazz trio, toured Europe and later formed the dance-pop band Dead Disco.

Her solo stage name comes from a nickname given to her by a friend after watching Caligula (the Latin name Caligula translates to “little boots”).

Little Boots has had success in London and is now touring in the states to gain a greater fan base.

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