Stop wasting time watching television

By: Julija Kaselyte

Sometimes in a group of friends or classmates I stay silent because there is no way I could discuss anything that is currently going on in their favorite television series.

The most popular is probably “Breaking Bad.”

I haven’t seen one episode and am not interested in it.

But wait, there are many more shows to waste time on.

Some people watch five different series.

How is this even real?

Where do they find time for it?

My time resources are very limited during the day and I don’t think  I could have the luxury to stare at the colorful screen half of a day.

But can TV really be called luxurious?

To my understanding, if television doesn’t give anything good to you, it is harmful to you.

It takes away time and an opportunity to create and communicate.

TV is not educational.

Also, television is a common excuse to procrastinate.

We usually think that homework can wait because it’s

time for a favorite TV show, then for another one.

Don’t be surprised that the time for assignments never comes. TV just lowered your IQ.

By the way, don’t forget that you gain weight when you spend too much time in front of TV.

Food is not so delicious when we are eating it while not staring at the screen, right?

And what do you gain from made-up stories and characters?

So, why do people spend plenty of time watching television?

They want to relax and forget their problems, you might think.

Well, I don’t want to forget my problems.

I want to solve them and as far as I know, watching TV means doing nothing.

And when you choose that type of activity, you are not going anywhere.

But everyone wants a cheap and appealing way to spend their free time and for most of them television it is.

Imagine yourself spending four hours a day in front of the entertainment box. It means, when you are 60 years old, you’ve spent 10 years watching TV.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

It means you should get a life and don’t depend on a box.

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