Students pay for district’s mistakes

By: The View

As the Spring semester ends, two proposals that would directly impact the tuition rates for students next semester lay in the hands of district board members.

Raising tuition and the property tax are not unfamiliar practices for Maricopa Community Colleges.Legend_View_color (1)

Both have been approved and implemented before.

Recently, the district board members approved a tuition increase of $3 per credit hour.

According to the district, the current tuition increase and the proposed rise in property tax would go toward covering issues related to last year’s district-wide security breach, which put students’ sensitive information at risk.

However, according to accounting numbers provided by the district, issues related to the breach seem to have already been paid for by the MCCCD general fund.

So why the increase? Greed?

Why should students be forced to pay even more tuition next semester when the supposed reason for the increases have already been paid for?

It is irresponsible for the district to pass their negligence in the form of tuition and tax increases along to the students who were the original victims of the breach.

The district should protect their students, embrace them, and set a better example for them. Instead MCCCD is proposing the revictimization of their own students for a false cause.

It is no fault of the student body that make up Maricopa Community Colleges that administrators failed to update security measures to better protect students’ information.

Yet they are proposing that it is the the students’ responsibility to pay for it. Enrollment numbers are decreasing while tuition rates continue increasing and with the security breach that was kept from public and student knowledge for almost a year, what is the district thinking?

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