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The first semester of college can at times be frightening, exciting, or even uncertain.

For some students college can be exciting simply because they are all set, fixed on a career path and already have planned out where they will be in the next five years.

Other young students may be entering college confused, uncertain, and will only have gotten as far as planning what lunch will be in the next five days.

What ever the case may be, any student should take caution entering into the next chapter in their lives, which will help them save time, pain, and money in the long run.

Uncertainty can be overcome if remedied with a little bit of effort and planning.

Get serious about which career path you would want to pursue in.

Keep an open mind about your options.

Explore your options.

One way to keep informed as to what is in the work field and what occupations would be wise to drive towards would be to find mentors within the school such as teachers or advisors.

Being uninformed in today’s world can be a harsh road to walk down.

Listen to your mentors and heed their advice, as they are there to help guide you down a road where you may not be able to see all the stepping-stones.

Once we get to the point of having a good idea about what major we would want to pursue in it would be a good idea to get involved with that certain community.

Getting involved with campus activities, volunteer work, and other student services provided can be beneficial and look great on resumes.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If anything, come prepared to your mentors with questions.

Exhaust your resources. Take what information you can while it’s available to you.


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