The Woman Wave: A historic win for ladies in the 2018 midterm elections

Kyrsten Sinema is elected as the first female senator in Arizona.

Women are a force of nature and here’s why: Tuesday, Nov. 6 marked as a record number of women elected to Congress.

Living in a man’s world presents major trials and tribulations for females to endure at home, in the workplace, and even socially. When chaos runs rampant everywhere you learn to appreciate the smaller things. Representation matters and the idea that women are dominating a political frat house is pretty unimaginable.

If the 2018 midterm election can give young women a chance to feel like warriors than I am in full support of a riveting moment I did not foresee.

100 elected women will break barriers by putting nurturing back into our health care, discussing the national student debt problems, and morals in politics.

Across the spectrum, our political affiliation isn’t important because this has been a big win for all women and feminists who stand for something much greater. Even after President Trump forced this country into a backwards spiral, change is what came out on top.

For centuries our reign as women have been crushed by men due to instances unrelated to getting the job done, including childbearing. The constant objectification of women in power will someday be silenced and those on the opposing side will soon realize every single human being matters.

The only way I can truly trust Congress is if a woman has a strong voice in contributing to the state of this country.
Men should not be the only ones running the nation because men aren’t the only ones living and breathing in America.
Misogynistic traditions have dominated women’s way of life. We operate differently in a professional setting due to gender discrimination in the workforce.

We are all able to cultivate a movement with our minds. Knowledge knows no gender and to think that our trust and loyalty were dependent on men, who consistently fail to understand how women can have a place in politics, is absolutely absurd.

Yes, the White House is divided heavily between the Democrats and the Republicans, but it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be. Unless we are all about to wake up from a simulation, this is it. We are the future with the resources and capability to shape a country worth living in.

In the era of Me Too, it is crucial our collective voice is revolutionary for our country and the history books. While it may be boring for your child to read in school, those chapters will mean something empowering to you and anyone sympathetic to our nation.

Only 25 women served in Congress in 1985 and those 25 powerhouses paved the way for the many women serving our Congress today. You have to know where this country has been to know where we are going.

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